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Property Management Services

Reside Rentals is a premier property management company that manages more than 460 properties across Northern Utah. Although our main headquarters are in Logan, we manage properties in many of the surrounding areas.

The areas we serve include Logan, North Logan, Providence, Nibley, Smithfield, Hyrum, Hyde Park, Wellsville, Millville, Mendon, River Heights, Petersboro, Richmond, and Cove. Plus, we work with all kinds of owners, from accidental landlords to investors with multiple properties to out-of-state owners.


We know that managing a rental property is no walk in the park. Between dealing with tenants, ensuring the property is in good shape, and keeping track of the finances, self-managing can end up being as intensive as a full-time job. So, why not let someone else handle these daily operations for you?

Our team of experts is here to help you with everything, from property marketing and tenant screening to handling tenant complaints and taking care of repairs. Plus, working with us, you’ll get direct access to top industry knowledge and best practices in both property management and real estate investing.

Whether you’re looking for someone to manage the day-to-day operations of a single-family rental or multi-unit complex, or if you are in need of someone to help you find the right investment property, we can help!

Our Property Management Services

At Reside Rentals, we offer a wide range of comprehensive property management services that can fit your portfolio’s unique needs. From first-time property owners to experienced real estate investors.

With our smart, tech-based software solutions, you won’t have to deal with most pinch points for landlords. Whether it’s finding the right tenants, collecting rent, or taking care of repairs, we’ve got your back!

Our property management services include:

Property Marketing

We handle the entire advertising of your rental property. We take professional photos to showcase your property’s best attributes. We also write an attractive listing and run ads across different outlets to give it maximum visibility. We use the latest marketing technology and keep up with trends to ensure your property attracts great tenants.

This, in addition to our high-quality customer service, helps us place the right renters in your home with a quick turnaround time. We aim to help you create long-lasting relationships with your tenants to reduce turnover rates and keep your investment profitable for longer.


Tenant Screening

Every seasoned rental property owner knows that finding the right tenant isn’t always easy. Fortunately, our tenant screening process allows us to select tenants with a proven track record of respecting their rentals and paying rent on time. However, this crucial step is often overlooked by private landlords.

At Reside Rentals we never skip screening checks. We perform a series of background, credit, and rental history checks to ensure applicants meet our stringent qualification criteria. Plus, we ensure all applicants are treated fairly, in accordance with local and federal fair housing laws.

With our tenant screening system, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your property will be cared for not only by us, but by the tenants we place in it.

Rent Collection

More often than not, collecting rent can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Luckily, at Reside Rentals, we want to help you enjoy the financial benefits of owning a rental property without the hassle. From the get-go, we establish clear rules regarding the payment of rent, such as:

  • The due date.
  • Acceptable payment methods.
  • Applicable fees for late or missed rent.
  • What happens if a check bounces.

Setting these rules from the beginning can prevent rent-related issues in the long run. Additionally, with our easy-to-use online payment portal, it’s easy for renters to pay rent on time, every time. So, you’ll only have to worry about what to do with your additional stream of income!

Property Repairs & Maintenance

As a landlord, you must ensure that your property is always in good condition. Minor issues can become big, costly repairs if they’re not tended to quickly. At Reside Rentals, we understand that not every landlord has the time, energy, or know-how to properly care for their rental.

That’s why we offer a wide variety of maintenance services, including re-touching the paint on your property after every move-out, landscaping, and tackling seasonal maintenance tasks. Plus, we’re always ready to manage repairs and renovations in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Additionally, our team of technicians and contractors performs regular check-ups of your property, including move-in and move-out inspections. All to ensure that your property is in good shape before, during, and after each tenancy.

Detailed Financial Reporting

While owning a rental property means you’ll get an additional cash flow every month, it also means dealing with tons of paperwork. This includes keeping track of payments, recording expenses such as repairs and insurance costs, and filing year-end taxes.

At Reside Rentals, we want to make owning a rental a stress-free process for you. With our detailed financial reports, you’ll get a breakdown of all your expenses, income, and tenant-related finances, including service fees and utility payments. Plus, you’ll get access to all this information with just one click. Keeping track of your investment’s finances has never been easier!

About Reside Rentals

Managing your rental property doesn’t have to be complicated. With Reside Rentals, it can be a stress-free experience for you. Since 2016, we’ve helped countless property owners and investors turn their investments into highly profitable businesses.


We are a full-service property management company serving Logan, UT, and surrounding areas. Created by real estate professionals and investors, Reside Rentals offers a unique approach to property management. Our customer-driven services allow us to provide tangible results for our clients. Plus, our tailored solutions are perfect for all kinds of landlords, from first-time homeowners to landlords with multiple rental units.

If you are looking for a seasoned property manager in Northern Utah, contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions! You can fill out this information request form or call 435-213-9175 to get in touch with us. We can’t wait to start working with you!

Reside Rentals is very attentive to both the owner and tenant. Their on line portal is an excellent way to communicate any projects or tasks that you need them to complete. Their service vendors have all been excellent. We own a home in Logan and feel extremely confident with Reside Rentals managing our home.

Deanne Rental Property Owner