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Property Management Services

At Reside Rentals, we work hard to provide the highest quality of service to all of our clients.

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What We Do As Your Logan Property Manager

At Reside Rentals, we offer comprehensive property management services for everyone, from first-time homeowners to seasoned real estate investors.

Our rental property management services include:


We take care of everything related to advertising your home, from capturing its best attributes with professional photography to creating a unique listing. We run ads to attract the best tenants for your property. Plus, we use both digital and traditional advertising to ensure your rental gets the visibility it deserves.

Tenant Screening

We help you find responsible, qualified tenants for your rental unit with our tried-and-true tenant screening process. Our rigorous screening process includes credit, criminal background, and rental history checks. This allows us to find great tenants who will care for your property.

Rent Collection

We know collecting rent each month is no easy feat. No one likes reminding tenants to make their payments on time or worrying about handling cash and checks. With our rent collection services, you won’t have to deal with this anymore. Our online payment portal makes it easier for tenants to pay rent every month. You’ll get your money on time, every time.


We actively work to keep your property in good shape. We perform at least four annual inspections for each property under our care. This allows us to spot issues before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems. We know how valuable your property is, so we don’t cut corners when it comes to maintenance and repairs. We work with trusted, quality professionals and don’t markup repair charges.

Financial Reporting

Keeping good financial records is crucial for any landlord, but it’s not always simple to do on your own. We help with all the financial aspects of your rental property, including collecting rent and keeping track of expenses. Our owner’s portal has dozens of financial reports available to you 24-7. Plus, our team of dedicated professionals will work hard to ensure your investment remains profitable at all times.

Eviction Protection

With our thorough tenant screening process, having to file an eviction is unlikely (we average under one eviction per year). However, they can still be necessary from time to time. Fortunately, we’re well-versed in landlord-tenant law and are ready to handle an eviction should it be needed. We first try to solve disagreements amicably through conflict resolution and open communication. If it’s impossible to peacefully resolve the situation, we start the eviction process. Then, we work to find new tenants.

About Reside Rentals

Founded in 2016, Reside Rentals is a full-service property management company serving Logan, UT, and surrounding areas. Founded by seasoned real estate professionals and investors, Reside Rentals offers innovative, tech-based solutions for the pain points in rental property management. Our aim is to help homeowners and investors like you turn their real estate investments into thriving rental properties.

What Types of Properties Do We Manage?

With over 460 doors under our care, at Reside Rentals, we manage a wide variety of rental properties, from single-family homes to multi-family units and large apartment complexes. We understand that the needs of every landlord are different, so we offer a wide range of solutions that can adapt to your goals.

Multi-Family and Apartments

Single-Family Homes

One of the most popular types of rental properties among real estate investors is single-family rentals. At Reside Rentals, we can help you with everything, from picking the right property for you to managing the day-to-day operations of your rental. Whether it’s selecting tenants, collecting rent, or managing repairs, we’ve got you covered!

Multi-Family Buildings and Apartments

A multi-unit residential building can be a goldmine but requires a lot of attention and hard work. At Reside Rentals, we are ready to help you make the most out of your rental properties. Our services include property marketing, rent collection, repairs and maintenance, and eviction protection.


Is your condo complex looking for a property management company to partner with? We'll make sure that everyone in your community is well-taken care of. Our team of professionals offers condo complexes a variety of services. These include but aren’t limited to project management, settling tenant conflicts, and making sure everyone understands their responsibilities and can communicate with one another clearly.

What People Say About Us!

I have been extremely impressed with Reside Rentals. They are courteous, responsive, professional, and everything runs like clockwork! They respond within minutes of me emailing them and send reminders even before I knew I needed them. Very impressed!

Blake Rental Property Owner

Would highly recommend using Reside to manage your properties. They have done a great job for us! Molly is on top of things and very professional. Happy we made the switch from our old management company.

Shalee Rental Property Owner

Reside Rentals is very attentive to both the owner and tenant. Their on line portal is an excellent way to communicate any projects or tasks that you need them to complete. Their service vendors have all been excellent. We own a home in Logan and feel extremely confident with Reside Rentals managing our home.

Deanne Rental Property Owner

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