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Owning a rental property investment can be a lucrative venture for property owners looking to build wealth and generate consistent income. However, successful property management requires time and entails responsibilities and risks.

If you are a landlord who lacks expertise or availability or has properties in multiple locations, let Reside Rentals manage your rental properties. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results and offer property management services that allow you to relax because you know your investment is in good hands.

We want a simplified service, so our values and ideas are defined along the lines of common sense and offer property management services to make your business succeed. We are committed to keeping your properties occupied and taking care of property upkeep and tenant management.

To do this, we leverage technology and choose to work with a team who are experts in their fields. We have established systems in place so we can keep your renters happy while you maximize the returns on your investment.

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Our Property Management Services

Our property management company offers a wide range of services to simplify the management of your properties. We have the knowledge and experience to manage different types of portfolios, from single-family homes to multi-unit complexes.

Tenant Screening

We oversee each step of the tenant lifecycle including tenant screening. Through a comprehensive screening procedure, we choose reliable and accountable tenants for your properties, reducing vacancies and increasing rental income.

We analyze applicants' background information, including credit reports, rental history, and employment verification so we can make informed decisions about potential tenants. We are consistent with our process, fair to all applicants, and comply with fair housing laws when selecting the perfect tenant.


When you partner with Reside Residential, we are committed to carefully selecting your tenants and assisting you in avoiding possible financial losses and property damage.

Property Marketing

Reside Rental has a skilled marketing team who works efficiently in quickly filling vacancies. Before we even advertise the listing, we ensure that the property is ready for occupancy. We clean and address any issues and stage the property to attract interested tenants. We only post high-quality photos to put the property in its best light.

Our advertising techniques combine the use of offline and online methods. We utilize online rental listing websites and leverage social media. We spread the word about rental properties to our professional network and place advertisements in local publications.

We respond to inquiries promptly and follow up with interested parties. We regularly assess and adjust our marketing strategies accordingly to optimize results and attract the appropriate renters.

Leasing Agreements

Reside Rentals understand that using a lease agreement service can benefit you in terms of enforcing house rules and organizing professional paperwork. When you work with us, we will draft a professional lease agreement, provide ongoing lease management, mediation, and conflict resolution and offer advice on any updates to ensure compliance.


We are experts in drafting rental contracts that highlight your and your renters’ rights and duties. Our rental agreements are written clearly so nothing is left to the imagination and minimize possible misunderstandings that could lead to messy disputes.

There may be updates made to the lease agreement that’s why we also provide landlords ongoing lease management support. We will take care of lease modifications, renewals and even termination when needed.

If misunderstandings arise between you and your renter, we have experience in mediating conflicts and always strive to resolve them fairly. We always aim to provide mutually agreeable resolutions to maintain positive relationships with renters.

Move-In Inspections

Reside Rentals have property managers who conduct move-in inspections to assist in establishing tenant accountability, protecting the security deposit, offering legal protection, facilitating effective maintenance, and cultivating a professional relationship with the tenant.

Both landlords and tenants benefit from doing a comprehensive move-in inspection since it establishes clear expectations and promotes a transparent renting experience.

Regular Property Inspections

Periodic inspections are our proactive approach in taking care of maintenance concerns, ensuring tenant compliance, spotting problems before they become bigger ones, keeping renters happy, adhering to legal requirements, stopping damage, improving security, and having documented proof for possible legal challenges.


These inspections support efficient property management and work to increase your property’s value and protect your livelihood.

Rent Collection with Online Payments

We aim to make paying rent convenient for renters. We have integrated an online rent collection in the portal so tenants can make payments easily and securely from anywhere at any time. We provide a variety of payment methods from credit or debit cards to bank transfers, and digital wallets.

The likelihood of missed or late payments is reduced because of how convenient it is to pay online. The time saved in chasing payments and processing manual payments can be used more effectively for other vital responsibilities.

Maintenance and Repairs

We also handle property upkeep and repairs. We aim to keep the property in top condition, so we carry out regular inspections and conduct the required repairs and maintenance.

A property that is well-maintained draws and keeps good tenants. Our network of experienced contractors and service providers performs professional repairs with no markup.

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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About Smithfield, Utah

Smithfield, Utah is in Cache Valley and has the Wasatch Range and rolling ridges as a lovely background. Residents and visitors who love the outdoors can go hiking, bicycling, fishing, or skiing. Smithfield is a close-knit and friendly community where people enjoy a high standard of living thanks to great schools, low crime rates, and social activities.

Smithfield's real estate market is varied, including both traditional residences and contemporary constructions to accommodate different tastes and price ranges. It offers access to additional amenities thanks to its proximity to bigger cities like Logan and Ogden but still maintains a smaller community vibe.

Overall, Smithfield, Utah is a great option for anybody looking for a harmonic fusion of scenic beauty, a strong sense of community, and a developing real estate market.

If you are a real estate investor looking to scale your business or diversify your portfolio, consider Smithfield, Utah. It is a good city to look into due to its breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant community, and growing housing market.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

Logan, North Logan, Providence, Nibley, Smithfield, Hyrum, Hyde Park, Wellsville, Millville, Mendon, River Heights, Petersboro, Richmond and Cove.

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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Would highly recommend using Reside to manage your properties. They have done a great job for us! Molly is on top of things and very professional. Happy we made the switch from our old management company.

Shalee Rental Property Owner